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  • wellbeing

    Why digital wellbeing is a Day One consideration

    Why overuse or overreliance on technology can result in problems for individuals and for small business owners – and what you can do about it.

  • limited company cost

    How much does it cost to form a limited company?

    It may surprise you to find out that you can form a limited company – direct via Companies House – for a mere £12. However, you may prefer to pay an intermediary to do this on your behalf – which will increase the cost.

  • small business insurance

    Which types of business insurance must you have in place?

    With dozens of different types of insurance cover available for businesses, here is Bytestart’s review of the main insurances that businesses ‘must have’, some insurance cover you ‘should have’, and several ‘could have’ policies.

  • life cover limited company

    Tax efficient life cover via your own limited company

    If you’re considering taking out life insurance, you could save up to 50% on your premiums by setting up cover via your own limited company. This is a tax-efficient way of protecting yourself and your family.

  • commercial contract tips

    Commercial contracts – five points to check before signing

    In this article, we look at five areas of commercials you should check before signing to stand you in good stead regardless of the subject matter or the scale of the document.

  • small business corporation tax

    How will the April 2023 Corporation Tax rise affect small businesses?

    The main Corporation Tax rate is increasing from April 2023. We look at how the new tax regime will work, and how much it will cost small business owners.

  • tide small business bank account

    Tide small business bank account – £50 cashback!

    We have set up a partnership with Tide, which is trusted by over 400,000 UK businesses, to provide completely free bank accounts for Bytestart visitors. Plus get £50 cashback!

  • registered address limited company

    What is the registered address of a limited company?

    In this article, we explain what the purpose of a registered address of a limited company is, why you need one and how to change your registered address if you relocate.

  • separate bank account

    Do you need a separate bank account for your business?

    If you’re starting up, do you need a separate bank account for your new business? The answer depends mainly upon the type of business structure you choose to work under.

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